Ready for an Impromptu CFL Challenge?

Danny Brand
May 31, 2022
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It's time to level-up my nutrition and recovery habits and I thought I'd share what I'm focusing on during the next month. I'm focusing primarily on my eating habits. I believe obesity is not a problem of over-nutrition. It's actually a problem of malnutrition. When the body is starved for proper nutrient-dense food, it reacts in defense by storing body fat against future need. Giving our body the fuel it needs to perform as designed, will eliminate the need to store fat.

Make this your own challenge by deciding for yourself what to work on in June to be 1% better every day in one or more of your 5 factors of health -- eating, sleeping, training, thinking, and connecting with others.

Here's my plan.




Ok, I'm ready to level-up during June. How about you?

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